Saturday, June 6, 2009


One of the projects we've been able to begin and sustain in the TB Hospital is a crochet (Hekel) project where the women make tote bags using plastic yarn ('plarn') . The patients have been able to make bags and then some of our American guests buy them at a fair trade price. win-win.


my friend's abode

One of my closest friends here, Cathy, lives in one of the government flats here. It is about 500 square feet, one bedroom, a living room and a small kitchen w/ a toilet. There are 11 people living in overcrowded conditions: normal for Paarl East. No hot water and electricity only a week or two out of the month. YET, Cathy is one of the greatest servants that I know. She has two HIV positive foster children, her invalid bed-ridden mother in law, her alcoholic mother and her own children that she provides for and takes care of, PKUS she volunteers at Sonstraal TB Hospital with me once a week and care-takes 7 families whose parents are HIV positive and very ill. In my book, this is what Jesus looks like. He looks like Cathy. She never complains, never asks for anything and rarely has a tired expression. I am amazed at this woman. She is my hero.

my fam

After being here nearly two years the thing I miss the most is of course my family.....and Mexican food. In that order....most of the time.

Been a While

My apologies to all of you who check the blog regularly. Confessions of a computer hacker: Facebook is just easier. I started posting my photographs and keeping up with some of my old students via Facebook. Tylyn recently told me to either resurrect my blog or put it to bed. So, for the sake of Russ and Ann, Catherine, Cathy, Gogo and several others who don't have Facebook, I'll give the heimlich to the old blog site and see if there's a little life left in it.

The past couple months have been very busy, packed with ministry. Because January lies dormant in this country waiting for February before anything begins (follows the school year), the last 4 months have been a whirlwind of activity. I had the blessing of having my dear friend from Northern California come and serve along side of me for 3 months. God taught me a lot about myself during this time. Primarily, that I am wired to partner in ministry. I can do nearly anything on my own, movies, eat out, shopping, sitting in nature, church, etc. but when it comes to serving in the communities I am energized when serving alongside somebody else. Maybe it's the teacher in me that wants to share discoveries, or maybe it's the need to constantly debrief, whatever the case, I am grateful for the many many visitors that God has sent my way over the past two years.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

lunchin' with the sistahood!

Yolanda, Pinky, Sam and I enjoy a dinner together at La Romantica. Pinky is the 'daughter' of Gary and Marnelle Helling and Yolanda will be our newest room-mate in 2 days. We can't wait! She's awesome, has a great sense of humor, is highly dramatic and LOVES to do dishes...okay...not the last part. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Am I in a city?

Third World Country? Developing Country? First world? Honestly, every person you talk to will give you a different answer. Along with India and Brazil, South Africa tops the records for the greatest disparity between the rich and the poor. Along the coast, first world. a few miles away, grossly impoverished squatter camps. We have the pleasure (?) of experiencing this cultural whiplash every day in the Paarl Valley. The cows in front of my car were blocking the road as I was leaving our black township, Mbekweni. They take their sweet time...just like the people and everything else in this country.